Starting From Bottom To Top

It’s time to start thinking about floors now in our process of renovating our shop. It is probably one of the hardest things to decide on, I take that back, every decision we are having to make is turning into one of the hardest things about renovating our shop. The easiest decision was our warehouse floor, we just put epoxy flooring throughout the entire thing, it is one of the most durable floors for this type of business and super easy to sweep and mop, plus it looks pretty awesome.

In hallway, bathrooms, storage room and office area we are choosing to use tile floors. We plan to use a dark tile with dark grout, this way it will hide more dirt and won’t look as nasty as the years go on. It is always annoying when you have rugs done and when you go to move them to clean, the grout and tile are a lighter color because they are cleaner. From the warehouse there is just a short hallway with four rooms, two on each side. The bathrooms are on one side that we plan on having a men’s and women’s room, then the other side is where the office and storage rooms are. Then once you pass those rooms you get to the main show room of our actual flower shop. For the tile, I would love to slate, but my wife is leaning toward a lighter color, still dark but lighter than slate. I will not give up trying to convince her to use slate, it is such a beautiful tile. So many different colors in one tile, that you could paint your walls any color and it would match.

Next is the showroom, here we plan on using hard wood floors, there is just nothing more elegant than hard wood floors. It creates a welcoming atmosphere and lets people enjoy their surroundings more. Plus, most types of furniture look good on hard wood floors, and we plan on using wrought iron where ever possible. The key is to not have flashy floors or furniture or anything else that is going to take away from the actual product, which happens to be green plants, blooming plants and flowers. They are colorful enough and too much can be overwhelming and busy and people will miss things. Plus, there will be other colorful vases, containers and knickknacks to add color and texture. So wood floors, wrought iron and anything else that is simple yet stunning. It is just a matter of deciding on what style of wood. Another major decision.

So goes the process of building a flower shop from bottom to top. Soon it will be just a matter of getting things in place and stocking up on supplies so we can open our doors. Which is probably the only thing that is keeping us going, this is tough as we knew it would be. But this is ourdream and we will do just about anything to make it happen.

Until next time,