Getting On Track

Since now that we have found our “perfect” location we have started to build the inside of the place. We had bought a building that had a small warehouse in the back of it where we are planning to store of our hard goods and to put a big walk in cooler in for our extra supplies of greens and flowers. There is a smaller building attached to the warehouse where we are going to have our front showroom, our offices and backroom where we make and prep everything. The office is the smallest of these three since we plan on having a showroom with lots of things on display, we are going to have one wall lined with coolers to keep our cut flowers and premade arrangements in. We are also going to have one side be where all our green and flowering plants are, then mixed in between everything will be house gifts, garden gifts, cards, balloons, candy, stuff animals, vases and other such things that you typically find in a floral shop. We also planned to have a window display that we change periodically.

Our first projects just so happens to be the garage door that is in the warehouse. This huge bay door was one of the reasons that I wanted this building so bad. I wanted this big garage door because a lot of our deliveries come in big trucks, some are semi’s but most are the big box trucks and having this big garage door will help with the deliveries because the trucks can get pretty well inside the building and it will just make everything easier. However the garage door is out of commission as the wheels of the door tracks are old and rusty and do not work anymore but thanks to Clarkston Garage Door Repair who I found online and had many great reviews (which is important), we are able to get the door up and working again. We just needed to get new tracks and all of that hardware stuff that is also needed. I won’t pretend that I know a lot of fixing garage doors because I don’t but I was really impressed that they were able to help me because I had originally thought that they only worked on houses.

So once we get this door working again then the renovations will go much faster as well because now we can only get the door up not even half way and that makes it a lot harder to get all the big stuff in and besides there is no way all of the coolers will be able to get in trough the regular doors. But we have made a lot of progress, we have cleaned the entire building out and have designed a layout of where we want everything to go. Its just a matter of it all coming together and my wife and I couldn’t be more excited to take on this adventure!

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you stick around