Finding The Right Spot

Finding the perfect spot for our flower shop has been the hardest thing thus far. There are so many factors that you have to consider when choosing a location. One, you do not want it near another one especially if that one is established and been there awhile. Two, it needs to be in a high traffic area so that people will be driving by on a regular basis, flowers tend to be a last minute idea, Three, the rent of the building has to be a good low price, during the off season and when it is not a holiday a florist can be extremely slow. Four, it also needs to be in a town where you know that people will spend their money on flowers because flowers are a luxury not a necessity. ┬áThe list goes on…

We have thought about buying an old florist that has gone out of business because people have known that a flower shop was there at one point and may subconsciously remember flowers when driving by, but we decided not to do that because that flower shop went out if business for a reason and we don’t want that associated with our new business. So, we have decided to buy a building that has not been a florist and just renovate it into one. The jury is still out on if this is the best solution, but we are stuck now because we have purchased a building. We are hoping that we made all the right decisions because flowers are a tough business to break into.

The good news is that we know of a lot of businesses that are really good at renovations and others companies that are good for any other thing that we may need to get our flower shop up and running, from the coolers to the bathrooms, display cases to the store frontage. Anything and everything, we are lucky in that regard. We have used these companies in the past and know that they do a good quality job, and if they are unable to help we trust them to point us in the right direction to get us to a company that is able to help us out.

This is going to be a long process, we are looking to open sometime next fall, and yes it is fall now but we are just in the beginning stages of starting this business. There are many, many things left to do and we are planning on doing things once and right, we don’t want to rush anything and cause things to be set back. Hopefully this gets us on the right path to having a successful business. Please send us any advice if you have ever started your own business or if you know of any business in our area, which is southeast Detroit, that you know that will be a big help to us.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this, hopefully you stick around to hear how we are doing,

Jeff and Sarah