Getting It Done

So things are coming along quite nicely now, we have pretty much all of the furniture in without many hiccups except the fact that we probably should have waiting because we gouged a couple spots in the hard wood and we had to callĀ  our guys back to help us fix it. We waited to put the floor in after we did the coolers, counters and our other display cabinets that are stationary because than for sure they would have gotten messed up. We thought we were doing it right but with our wrought iron furniture proved to need more care than we gave it.

The good thing is though that the company that we used said that it was not as bad as we thought they just need to sand and refinish the wood and it was good as new. And they didn’t charge us that much for it which was real nice. So all of the display counters, shelves, furniture and walls are all in place, we have our offices, break room, bathrooms, and storage room all set up and the warehouse is just about done. We sort of got the basics done in the ware house then stopped so we could get the other parts of the building done, so now we are back to finishing the warehouse.

The floor and garage door are done. Our three coolers are put in, now we just need to get our shelving put in and get all our product ordered and shipped. It seems that we have done so much yet have so much more to do. Yet it is almost time to begin than we will be doing more and more every day trying to make our business last. This has been a dream of my wife’s for a really long time and I am lucky to help her make it come true.

We are going to sell a wide variety if flowers, tropical or exotic flowers such as orchids, protea, ginger, birds of paradise, anthirium, and heliconia along with the tropical green leaves. We will have wild flowers like delphinium, larkspur, solidago, wax flower, poppies, phlox, foxgloves, yarrow and much much more. And of course we will have roses, carnations, daisy’s, alstromeria and babies breath. We need to have vases, containers and baskets that will go with all of these flowers and also the standard greens. I have never realized how much goes into making a flower arrangement until we started looking through supply catalogs. So many little things that are needed for every occasion.

Tissue, cellophane and ribbon to wrap bouquets, balloons, cards, plush animals, candy, chocolates, and other point of sale items that are unique to us. And all of these things need to be for every celebration you can think of because people will get flowers for almost anything so we need to be prepared and that means stocking up on all of the goodies. My wife plans on having a window display that she will change from time to time depending on the season and/or holiday but that is her department, she is the designer so I will leave all of that up to her. I will stick to the behind the scenes managing the business, which is my specialty.

Thanks for reading,